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Nathini Van der Meer – fashion deconstruction

Women’s Wear Daily once again send me out to lense young and wild Berlin fashion designers. This summer, Nathini Van der Meer, was the target. I met the native Berlin girl while she was just de- and re-constructing her studio south of Kreuzberg. We took advantage of the scene and portrayed her together with her favorite model Nathalie. 

Nathalie wears a futuristic dark blue jumpsuit designed by Nathini. Combined with the designer’s own boots. 

portraits and insights from people from all over the world: Foodpanda’s managing directors

Foodpanda, a global food delivery marketplace headquartered in Berlin, asked me to produce a series of portraits of their country managers from all over the world.
We decided for a very casual outfit concept to show the young and down-to-earth attitude of the decision makers from over 20 countries.
To reduce heterogenity, I used a very minimalist but yet cosy studio setting.
At the end of May 2016, we had the chance to get all those managing directors in front of my camera, when Foodpanda held a global meeting in Berlin, Moabit. I had the chance to meet very interesting people from Pakistan, France, Malaysia, Hongkong, Indonesia, the Iberian Peninsula, Bangladesh, Egypt, the Arabic Peninsula, Italy, Greece, and many more countries. A very inspiring three days.
Many thanks to Kiki from Foodpanda for the superb organization, to Lucia to the highly professional h&m and to all the directors for their insights and stories!!!

Katharina Schüttler posing for CUT Mag

Here is a cute fashion editorial that I did some time ago:

German actress Katharina Schüttler shows us her favorite fashion pieces. 

For CUT Mag, Munich.

The Hilton Brothers – artist portraits

The Hilton Brothers were in Berlin a while ago. They are an artist duo from NY that likes to dress up in ‘partner look’.
I had the chance to portray them in the gallery where they showed an exhibition of their art.

Berlin So Green


Louise Friedländer – visit at her atelier

Fashion designer Louise Friedlaender is showing her winter 2016/17 collection on January 20 at the Berlin Fashion Week
In December, WWD reporter Quynh Tran and me had the chance to sneak into Louise’s atelier in southern Berlin. Here are my impressions from this very talented young lady.  

René Storck – at Mode Salon Berlin


Just in time for his runway show, here are some portraits of fashion designer René Storck.
We took the photos of him and his muse / model in the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin for Women’s Wear Daily.
René will present his collection at the same location tomorrow at 1 pm. Stay tuned for more photos!

on the streets and in the sky – Flinte

Flinte, a very Berlin music duo! I portrayed Alexa and Dave in the sky, on the roofs and on the streets of Berlin. 
Thanks to Kraans de Lutin for producing this wonderful band as well as our cheerful shooting! 

Portrait On Art – Artprojekt

Artprojekt, an art promoting high level real estate developer, asked me to portrait their management for their communication.

Together with Michael Sodar, the communication executive of Artprojekt, we developed the idea to combine each portrait with one piece of art from the company’s headquarter in Berlin. I reduced the office setting to the piece of art. But I chosed a rather documentary style of light so that the photos do not look too clean. 



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Here is a first glance at my new Pinterest site: a portfolio of artistic portraits that allows a much more comprehensive overview of my work. 
Stay tuned for lots of updates.